Copywriting – 3 Powerful Branding Techniques That Can Double Your Sales

Simple. Clear. To the Point. Copy that Sells.

The best way to tell if your copywriting is effective—check your sales figures. If your brand messaging is resonating with your customers and prospects—you’ll see it reflected in your bottom line. If your sales are flat or dipping—you should take a look at how you’re communicating what your organization does and why it is the best provider in your market niche. You have to tell the right brand story to the right audience to get the right action: getting the sale.

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Good copywriting and branding requires consistent review and analysis—to ensure that messaging is on point—as the business climate changes and needs shift. It’s not always necessary to rebrand, including a new name, logo and a full-on messaging change.

Sometimes a brand just needs to be refreshed—with a tagline rework, a tweak here and there to the visual identity and a new brand positioning with updated copy and content.

Copywriting Technique 1 – Start with a Brand Messaging Audit

An assessment is required of the current brand messaging. Is the copywriting reaching your target buyer? Does the content offer relevant information in an engaging manner? Is the message strategy on point?

Multiple People StandingThe answers to these questions come from communicating with your customers—for a viewpoint on your brand image, identity, positioning—and your employees—to address the opinions of the people who act as brand ambassadors when interacting with customers. The assessment phase of a branding project is critical.

Like any sound business plan, the objective in building a strategic branding campaign is to determine where the company is today and identify growth objectives to increase sales and brand awareness.

A refreshed or relaunched brand goes to market with the goal of building a positive perception in the minds of customers to influence purchase decision. It’s all about making the sale—and effective copywriting plays a major role.

Copywriting Technique 2 – Align the Brand and the Business

Man Lifting WeightHow is your brand different from your competitors? What are your brand attributes? Do you deliver on your brand promise? You need to define what differentiates you in the industry and then create a brand messaging platform that communicates the benefits of your brand—why your organization is the right choice—for employees and customers. The brand must align with the business goals.

An organization’s brand message touches each customer and prospect with every communication across all media channels. The foundation of a well-defined, well-positioned, strong brand is the value proposition, mission, vision and values that blend to influence employees and customers to think of an organization in terms of positive brand attributes: quality, trust, reliability. It is the reason why employees and customers feel connected to an organization.

Persuasive copywriting that has impact and targets pain points requires a keen understanding of business goals and is created only by listening to what customers are saying.

The ability to manage data-driven marketing and the advent of social media have added the voice of the customer into every marketing communications strategy and decision—but it hasn’t eliminated the need to persuade and it requires a writing expert who understands the power of communication and how to influence people. You have to choose your words carefully to make a point.

Copywriting Technique 3 – Communicate Your Message to Your Market Niche

Circle of People Holding Hands in CircleAll effective—read copy that sells—content marketing is based on delivering a clear and consistent message targeted to the buyer through innovative and persuasive copywriting that tells your brand story through all online and offline channels: websites, videos, brochures, ads, email campaigns, case studies, white papers.

When done right, effective branding—read copy that sells—delivers a strong brand message that:

  • Drives profitability
  • Increases customer retention and loyalty
  • Lowers new-customer acquisition costs
  • Provides organizations with the ability to hire and retain qualified and talented employees

There are many theories about the best way to reach an audience…how to write the most persuasive and effective copy…and which techniques to use to develop engaging customer-centric content. Messaging success is measured by the results the copy and content deliver—always written with the intent to drive revenue.

Building an effective brand messaging platform is a creative process that flows from developing brand awareness to establishing brand recognition to fostering brand preference through delivering on a brand promise, which leads to brand loyalty that translates into brand equity.

The point is to …

  • Get Your Brand Message Out
  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Revenue
  • Deliver Value
  • Acquire and Retain Customers

It’s copywriting that moves the audience to take action. The key is in what you say—and how you say it. Make your point—and you make money.