How Branding Can Build an Image

Green and Purple Puzzle PiecesBranding is a blend of Brand Messaging and Corporate Identity. The process starts by identifying the brand attributes—your organization’s values, how you do business, and defining the value proposition—what makes your organization different from the rest, your identity. It’s the lifeforce of branding. What do you say? How do you say it? How can the content be customized to communicate why your organization is the best—make you stand out in the marketplace…position you as an industry leader?

An organization’s brand message touches each customer and prospect with every communication across all media channels. Branding is more than the selection of a new company name and logo. A well-defined, well-positioned, strong brand influences employees and customers to think of a company in terms of positive brand attributes: quality, trust, dependability, reliability. It is the reason why employees and customers feel connected to an organization. It is accomplished through innovative, persuasive and compelling writing—communicating the brand story.

Branding Message Sample

What does it take to quickly overcome the challenges of drug valuation, market access and reimbursement?

It takes working with the right company that delivers the right data at the right time to make the right decision about drug pricing and reimbursement.

It takes working with Context Matters. An innovative health economics data and technology company committed to helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies gain market access and optimize the value and reimbursement of their drug therapies in multiple markets.

A company that built a technology-enabled solution with the depth and breadth of data needed to design a blueprint for market access quickly, easily and accurately. A company that provides biopharma companies the ability to stay on top of the market and ahead of the competition.

Branding Builds a Loyal Community

How your employees and customers feel about your organization is based on your branding and the corporate identity you portray internally and in the marketplace. Your goal is to build a brand identity that makes a connection with the people who work at the company and your customers. This connection builds brand loyalty and represents a thumb’s-up in the social media world. It’s this word-of-mouth marketing that is golden when it supports your brand image. Good brand messaging and corporate identity that makes this connection can fuel positive social media marketing.

Your brand identity is based on your brand message. It’s what you say…and how you say it. That’s where I come into the picture—I can make sure you are saying exactly what you want to say—that your message is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do: increase sales.