Hiring a Copywriter – 5 Sure-Fire Tips to Retain and Acquire Customers

Content Is King—That Makes Copywriters the Rulers of the Universe.

Hiring a copywriter can be a daunting task. Content is king—and copywriters own the kingdom. Copywriters are the experts—the rulers of the universe—who can deliver your brand message on point clearly and consistently to retain the customers you have and acquire new customers through online and offline marketing communications campaigns. Hiring the right copywriter that seamlessly integrates with your organization is the challenge. But finding the right copywriter that can tell your brand story effectively can be done.

There are many variables to consider when hiring a copywriter to communicate your brand message through content marketing. Do they have the level of writing skills you need? Do they have knowledge of your industry? Are they experienced in all media channels to deliver an integrated, concurrent program?

There are also copywriting techniques to consider—every copywriter has a distinctive style. Do they deliver ready-to-publish on-point content that is edited and proofread? Then there’s the talent aspect—you need a copywriter with the creative talent to create persuasive, targeted messaging as well as keyword-focused content. Good copywriting is a science and an art.

Hand ShakeHiring a copywriter requires careful investigation. Not all copywriters write the same way or have the experience to deliver your brand message effectively in all media. The copywriter you hire should have an understanding of the strategy behind the suite of copywriting techniques tailored for each medium.

You must hire a copywriter who knows how to create a strategic, succinct brand message in a clear, rhythmic writing style optimized for website content, videos, ads, brochures, newsletters, mail campaigns and social media—each channel requiring subtle adjustments to ensure the call to action successfully converts to a sale.

Look for a copywriter who works well with your team, is a quick study, and can translate your brand differentiators and vision into copywriting that sells in all media channels. The bottom line in hiring a copywriter: Figure out which copywriter can deliver the most effective messaging to drive revenue.

How can you be sure you’re getting the right expert when hiring a copywriter? Here are 5 sure-fire tips to ensure you get the best-in-class copywriting services for your branding needs when hiring a copywriter.

Hiring a Copywriter Tip 1

One Red Pencil among Blue PencilsIdentify the type of copywriting services you need to hire. You have to determine if you prefer working with an agency or directly with a contract copywriter. This is an organizational and personal preference. For many businesses and executives, the high cost of an agency is prohibitive, the account management model slows down the process, and the time necessary to educate the agency takes away from critical business tasks. When working with a contract copywriter, the benefits include a dedicated one-on-one relationship, the expectation that the copywriter comes to the table with knowledge of the industry and company, and cost-effective pricing.

Hiring a Copywriter Tip 2

Portfolio Note BookReview copywriter portfolios—see if you like their writing style. Is the writing clear and consistent? Does the headline capture the most important selling points? Check their editing and proofreading skills. See if their samples resonate with the message you want to deliver. Assess how the brand message is communicated. Interview prospective copywriters to hear how they take a project from conception to completion.

Hiring a Copywriter Tip 3

Walking Up ColumnsEstablish how much guidance and time you want to invest—do you want a copywriter who needs handholding or a copywriter who can hit the ground running? The size of your marketing team and the project pipeline play a significant part in arriving at this decision. It’s best to gather source materials for the copywriter to allow them to get up to speed with your brand. To make the copywriting partnership a success, both the client and the copywriter must be compatible, and each must understand the other’s communication style and expectations. Collaboration is key between the copywriter and the subject matter experts(SMEs).

Hiring a Copywriter Tip 4

People Icons with Speech bubblesClarify if the copywriter fits into your organizational culture and communicates well verbally. Make sure you’re on the same page and have the same work habits. Do they understand your brand and what you are selling? Can they work quickly against tight deadlines? Are they easy to work with from first draft to final changes? Can they step in at the last minute and save the day? Get to know the copywriter on a personal level and let them get to know you—a personal relationship enhances the flow of creativity and saves time in the development process.

Hiring a Copywriter Tip 5

People and Arrows Ensure you understand exactly what you want to communicate in your brand messaging—and express it clearly to the copywriter. The key to getting on-point, sales-driven content from a copywriter is taking the time up front to explain the brand, the business, and your marketing goals. There is no such thing as sharing too much information when it comes to setting the stage to create effective copywriting and content marketing. When hiring a copywriter, you should strive for the ideal working relationship between a valued vendor and a client—a close-knit partnership with one-on-one customer service. Once you hire the right copywriter to tell your brand story—you can be partners for life.

Hiring a copywriter is one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make—this is the person who is going to make sure that your brand message reaches your target market and increases sales. You have to make the right decision to make your point and make money.