Proofreading Checklist—What You Need to Check Before Publishing Content

Impress Your Customers with Professional Proofreading.

ProofreadingNow that the content is approved—it’s time to enter the final phase. This means careful proofreading of the content by a professional proofreader, making sure the content makes sense—by reading line for line—and checking to see what the printed copy will look like. To increase sales and brand awareness, you need to present your brand in the best light possible. The brand image must be professional. Any mistakes take away from your brand perception in your customers’ eyes.

Guidelines for error-free proofreading are detailed. The main standard operating procedure is that all content must be proofread several times. Never publish any content without proofreading it. Are the dates current? Is the phone number correct? Is the information up to date? Is the brand messaging consistent? Does the copywriting get to the point and deliver a call to action? The list can go on and on, which is why proofreading is such a critical step—but still more times than not, squashed for time. It’s up to the proofreader to be eagle-eyed and quick.

Proofreading Checklist for On-Screen or Hard-Copy Content

Check Mark in BoxThe Proofreading Checklist is comprehensive. If editing electronically in a Word document, use the Track Changes function to redline (add edits) to the document. If working in a digital PDF, select the Comments tab and then select Sticky Notes. Another option is to provide a list of the edits in an email. Decide on the method for sharing the edits before the proofreading phase begins. If working with a hard copy, mark up the document using professional proofreaders' marks.

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On-Screen Review Proofreading Tips

  • Check in Normal View for visual effectiveness of content delivery
    and graphic balance
  • Check in Zoom View to ensure copy and graphics meet seamlessly and graphics are clean and consistent
  • Ensure graphics support the content regarding placement
  • Check all links
  • Run Spell Check
  • Before making edits electronically, review a printed copy

Hard-Copy Review Proofreading Tips

  • Mark up (or redline) the document with edits using professional proofreaders’ marks
  • Use red ink
  • Write legibly
  • If need to share the hard-copy edits off site in real time, scan into a PDF and email