Accurate Proofreading Delivers No Mistakes and Builds Customer Trust

ab d with c to Go in the MiddleMost proofreading requests include: “This is a final; it shouldn’t have many changes.” But that’s very rarely the case when I return a proofed document. The point of proofreading is to find errors and correct them—every branded communication needs a review with an objective set of eyes. It’s like a treasure hunt. You’d be surprised how easy it is to miss a misspelled word or missing letter. Proofreading requires time to ensure all errors are caught. The biggest challenge is educating clients to allot enough time for the proofreading process, including a final cold read before publishing to deliver error-free copy. Proofreading is the final touch that ensures the message is correct and your customer can depend on you.

Proofreading Sample

MOSS (SharePoint) Expertise

The company, consistently demonstrating its innovative technology solutions,has been began using the Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to deliver enterprise portals from its with the launch of the 2003 version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2003 version. to deliver Enterprise portals. Our The company’s development team of Microsoft Microsoft-Certified developers helps to configure, customize and develop intranet and internet Internet portals based on Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

The company solution We provides business content management, process implementation, inter- and intra-team collaboration through consolidated sites, handling of business records, and, accessing, searching and analysis analyzing of business data with the help of MOSS.

Best-in-Class Proofreading Reinforces Brand Quality

I deliver a polished first draft that’s close to final and a final draft that engages customers and prospects and converts into sales or generates leads. Before a client receives copy for approval, it goes through rigorous editing, rewriting and wordsmithing cycles plus careful proofreading—to me it’s like a treasure hunt—ensuring that the brand messaging is consistent and that the content is to the point, clear and organized. My clients get high-quality copy and content with my eagle-eye editorial services.

  • Check facts and data
  • Wordsmith and restructure text for best content/message delivery
  • Review graphic design/images for visual identity and integration with copy
  • Ensure copy is in line with selected style manual and corporate identity
  • Vet communications materials for brand compliance
  • Proofread meticulously to deliver error-free content

Every buyer wants to feel like they’ve made the right decision in selecting a company to do business with. Making sure your message is written clearly and has no errors reinforces the type of high-quality services you can deliver to your customers.